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We at Scott Golf  have created  the finest golf clubs available for golfers who demand only the best.

We offer an out standing shaft collection so that we can fit any ones game, and only offer what we consider to be our choice of the best out there at a good price point.

With our line up of golf accessories you are sure to look your best while on the course or at the club . Coming soon.




Scott Golf Has a line up of irons that have been engineered to maximize distance and forgiveness. Forged with our blend of soft carbon steel and then milled to perfection , they are a perfect combination of beauty and performance .

              Do you demand the best?


KBS Shafts have proven on tour, We provide a great selectiom of the industry leading shaft makers , and can provide any shaft.

Every set we make is custom made to each individuals needs, we are one of the few in the world that can say this. We will stand with any ones irons from any where in the world, we have created what is to be known soon, as one of the best ever made.

All of our irons and wedges are designed to and made to the new conforming rules to the USGA , and R&A equipment guide lines.

We produce what we consider the best Irons and wedges in the world, We spend on what matters, Quality, engineering, consistent high standards, and tight specs, not the advertisements.