Scott Golf has a line up of irons that have been engineered to maximize distance and forgiveness. Forged with our blend of soft carbon steel and then milled to perfection , they are a perfect combination of beauty and performance.

For those of you who like the finer things. 

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Dusty               Davis

Fielding            Garner


Custom Golf fitting/ Every set we make is custom made to each individuals needs, we are one of the few in the world that can say this. We stand alone !

Jake Ellison

The Classic Designs by SCOTT

Why Scott Irons 

 With a combined 30+ years in the club business, my relentless pursuit for perfection, I decided to design, create, and bring to the marketplace a line up of irons that are unmatched in the industry. To be as good or better than any thing in the world. So I did, now you also can experience what a truly great forged iron feels like when you play Scott Irons. We forge them from 1020 carbon, mill to a perfect weight every time, then hand polish to perfection.

 When I decided to bring it, I knew they would have to be the best, or just don't !

  These irons are long, straight, soft, and as forgiving than any thing ever made by anyone. 

  We have tried and tested a lot of irons, so watch us as we grow and pay attention as we become known as one of the greatest irons made.