Truly exceptional irons,  Go to facebook/scottgolfusa, golfballed.com, and other review sites to read all the reviews from people who have purchased these.

​ These are not off the shelf clubs.

ScottGolfusa with its founder Scott Petersen and our team have a combined  30 yrs of club making experience.

Now along with our new manufacturing plant, with the latest in technology, and the best equipment available makes it possible for us to produce some of the best forged clubs on earth. 


    We are the new Standard in precision.

  We at ScottGolf have  been making irons for 20+ years now and have after much trial and error come up with some of the best irons available. It is our belief that there are none better, and our manufacturing plant is set up with all of the latest equipment for designing and producing only what we would consider, top shelf. 
  My team of engineers and technicians  head up the manufacturing end, and has over 30-years experience the design and manufacturing  of golf clubs, our quality is second to none.



The  line that we have  introduced to the golf community will be a new standard in the industry,  we are a small company with one thing in mind, pursuit of perfection. That is how we will be able to keep up the standards that we hold high.

  All of our irons are made with only the highest grade of a special designed carbon steel for one of the softest playing clubs made.

  All of our irons are forged, then put through the mills for a perfect finish and weight every time.

Forged Irons are now and always the best playing irons made.​